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One More Bike
It's about doing what you can to make the city more liveable. It's about reducing your impact on the environment. It's about sustainable living. It's about exercise, community, convenience, freedom, and fun. Once you discover the many benefits of cycling, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start riding sooner. Enjoy the ride!

Why Bike to Work? You can get in shape on the way to work. Biking is cheap. You save money on gas, vehicle maintenance, parking fees, and tickets. By reducing automobile traffic you help to reduce air, water, and noise pollution. Biking is good for the community because it makes our streets safer, quieter, and cleaner.
There are many concerns for those who would otherwise be bicyle commuters. Here are some tips to make your ride to work more enjoyable.

Riding a bike in traffic during commute hours is potentially dangerous.
For maximum safety, take your rightful place in traffic and obey all traffic laws. Plan in advance, you can find a route that avoids heavy traffic. Learn more about safe, effective cycling through courses from the League of American Bicyclists, presented by your local Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance. Or contact TVCA to request a free StreetSmarts booklet.

Biking will make my commute take even longer.
Most commutes will take longer by bicycle although some people have found that it actually cuts down on their commuting time. If it does take longer, consider that the time that you spend on your bike is probably more relaxing and rewarding.

I don’t own a bike and my commute is already expensive.
You may need to make an initial investment, but even if you buy a new bike and equipment, it should pay off in lower commute costs in no time. And though there's nothing wrong with commuting on your exotic racing machine, you can be just as effective commuting on that old Huffy gathering dust in your garage.

My clothes will be wrinkled when I get to work.
On a short, relatively flat ride, you may arrive in good shape. For longer rides, you’ll find that racks, bike bags and special panniers are great for carrying a change of clothes to work wrinkle-free. You can also leave work clothes at the office.

I don't know any good routes from home to work.
The Treasure Valley is a surprisingly bike friendly place. With a little planning and tweaking it is usually possible to construct a good route. And as you gain experience with cycle commuting, route choice will become less of a concern as you gain confidence on public roads. Initially, find a good paper or electronic map and if possible consult with experienced cycle commuters. The Ada County Ridge to Rivers Bikeway Facilities Map points out roads and paths that are particularly conducive to cycling. Also, check out the cool new bike routing features in Google Maps. Most of the Treasure Valley bike facilities, including the greenbelt, are included. But be aware that routing along the greenbelt isn't very accurate yet-- TVCA is working with Google to make the bicycle routing even better. Finally, if these tools don't answer your bike routing questions, contact the Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance for customized route planning.

I would have ridden today but I need to run an errand over lunch.
Run your errand with your bike! You may be surprised how many places you can get to over a lunch break. And consider that many people use a lunch-time ride to get some fresh air and mid-day relaxation-- no reason you couldn't combine this with an errand or two.

Why Bike to School?
If you're too young to drive, the answer is obvious: Freedom. Ironically, high schoolers who trade their bikes for cars are reducing many of the freedoms they enjoyed as a kid. Cycling eliminates the tyranny of the automobile: maintenance is cheap, insurance is free, fuel is free, and parking is free. Freedom.

Can I run errands by bike?
Absolutely! With kid trailers and panniers available at any local bike shop, it is easy to take the family on routine errands such as shopping and have enough room to carry the groceries home. Utility trailers of many varieties allow you to carry all kinds of things. And most errands require nothing more than than your bike and a bag or two.